• The Charm Of Sculpture - Scenic Spot IP Sculpture

    The Charm Of Sculpture - Scenic Spot IP Sculpture

    Jul 09, 2024
    In the current fierce market competition, how to use innovative sculptural art to create IP images with distinct characteristics has become a focus of many scenic spots, shopping malls, real estate and enterprises. As a source factory specializing in customized sculpture, the order of IP Sculpture has been increasing in recent years. Let's start with the analysis of scenic spot IP sculpture. First, creating scenic spot IP sculpture is a good entry point. As a unique tourist destination, scenic spots often contain rich cultural connotations and natural resources. We can delve into these elements and refine them through the techniques of sculptural art to create IP images with regional characteristics. For example... 1、"Vernie"  Installation At the 2016 "Walk&Talk" festival in Portugal, the design team moradavaga created a large "octopus" (marine invertebrate) Installation Sculpture and named it "Vernie". The octopus was made by wrapping red cable protectors, with each tentacle extending about 15 meters in various directions, occupying different corners of the park. The head had two adorable eyes, and the overall characteristics of the soft-bodied animal were vividly expressed, making it lifelike. Visitors could interact with the eyes and tentacles of the giant invertebrate, engaging in conversations or listening to it. The visitors' interest in this massive soft-bodied creature aligned with the organizer's requirements, and this installation was sure to bring endless enjoyment to the festival. 2、 Sculpture Garden in Canada Artist Yi Chul Hee created astonishing innovative sculptures composed of stacked pipes in the Canadian Sculpture Park. Unexpected shapes and forms emerged from his meticulously crafted hollow pipe assemblages. Each work has lighting and shadows, creating a changing visual effect as viewers look through different perspectives. "Elegant as a Ballerina" "Love's Kiss" "Love Me, Touch Me" "Longing to be Close to You" "Dancing through Life" 3、The Aquileans Sculptures The Docks and Harbors Commission of Juneau, Alaska commissioned internationally renowned public artist Cliff Garten to design this work. The piece consists of ten Stainless Steel Sculptures installed on existing bollards used to tie up cruise ships from the Seawalk Park to the Mount Roberts Tram Building. The Aquileans sculptures take their form from archetypes of the Alaskan landscape, including two iconic ecological shapes - the whale and the wings of a soaring eagle. "Aquileans" is a combination of the Latin words for eagle and whale. During the day and night, each sculpture reflects and refracts sunlight, illuminated by changing color LED lights that evoke the northern lights. Set against the mountains and water, the sculptures create a distinctive landmark for the waterfront, bringing a contemporary aesthetic to the social and economic life of Juneau. 4、The Moving Sculptures This may be the most romantic City Sculpture in the world. The two Steel Statues Sculpture, called Ali and Nino, are located in the city of Batumi on the Black Sea coast of western Georgia. The characters Ali and Nino are based on a 1937 novel of the same name, which tells a tragic love story set in the Caucasus region. These are two Moving Sculptures. Every night after 7 o'clock, Ali and Nino slowly begin to move towards each other... When they meet, they kiss and embrace, like a true pair of lovers. Then they pass through each other's bodies and continue moving in different directions, until they ultimately separate. The entire process takes about ten minutes, and this heartbreaking scene is performed every day, regardless of the season. 5、Sprouts This set of sculptures, titled "Sprouts", is the work of artist Vibhor Sogani. The 40-foot tall sculptures are installed in a 6-acre greenbelt in Delhi, an initiative by the government to beautify the city, now considered a landmark of New Delhi. These impressive sculptural IPs often have a unique "memory point" inherent to the project itself. The conceptual design, spatial relationships, forms, colors, symbolism, or other aspects of the sculpture may resonate with the viewer, stimulating their visual senses and making the sculpture stand out as a distinctive memory in the viewer's mind.   This is for educational sharing purposes only. Respectfully, if there are any copyright concerns, please notify the editor for removal.  The next article will share some shopping mall IPs, so please stay tuned.
  • Can Fiberglass Electroplating Replace Metal Stainless Steel Sculptures In 2024?

    Can Fiberglass Electroplating Replace Metal Stainless Steel Sculptures In 2024?

    Apr 25, 2024
    With the continuous progress and innovation of, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) electroplating, as a novel composite material, has demonstrated enormous potential in the field of sculpture today. In the year 2024, can FRP electroplating be considered as a substitute for stainless steel in sculpture, and potentially replace it? Below, we will analyze it from the following points. 1、Material FRP plating: FRP, also known as reinforced plastic, is a composite material composed of glass fiber and resin (usually polyester resin). The surface is electroplated to give it its metallic finish. It is lightweight, corrosion resistant and electrically insulating. Metal stainless steel: Metal stainless steel is an alloy material, mainly composed of iron, chromium and a small amount of other elements (such as nickel, molybdenum, etc.), with high strength, corrosion resistance and metallic texture. 2、Exterior FRP plating: Through surface electroplating treatment, it acquires a metallic appearance, typically displaying a smooth and glossy surface with good luster and vibrant colors. It can showcase rich textures and details while also possessing a certain degree of transparency. Metal stainless steel:The appearance tends to be more stable and solid. It has a smooth metal surface and strong ability to reflect light, giving people an elegant and solid impression. At the same time, it can also present various forms and textures according to the designer's intention, showing different aesthetic effects. 3、Cost FRP plating:The cost is relatively low, the production process is relatively simple, and it is suitable for mass production. Metal stainless steel:The cost is higher due to higher material and processing requirements, but has a longer service life and wider application range. 4、Applicable location FRP plating:Generally used indoors, it should not be exposed to high temperatures for an extended period. It lacks strong corrosion resistance, so if it needs to be placed in outdoor or other special environments, additional protective measures may be required. Metal stainless steel:Suitable for various places, stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, especially places with high corrosion resistance. 5、Construction period FRP plating:The process is relatively simple, with steps such as foam engraving, fiberglass mold turning, surface polishing, decolorization, and electroplating, etc., and the construction period is relatively short. Metal stainless steel:It involves processes such as engraving foam, cutting, welding, and polishing, and the construction period is relatively long. 6、Later maintenance FRP plating:Clean regularly to prevent scratches, impacts, sun exposure and strong acid and alkali. If it is damaged later, repairs may be limited, and the repair process may affect the integrity and texture of its external electroplating layer. Metal stainless steel:Regular cleaning, rust removal, impact prevention, and surface protection. In summary:As technology continues to advance and innovate, fiberglass electroplating sculptures cannot completely replace stainless steel sculptures. We need to consider factors such as different application environments, costs, and personal aesthetics. If high strength and corrosion resistance are required in environments that prioritize malleability and design freedom, such as garden sculptures or seaside sculptures, it is recommended to use stainless steel. For situations that require lightweight, cost-effectiveness, and a focus on metallic appearance and electrical insulation performance, such as indoor mall sculptures or public space art sculptures, fiberglass electroplating is recommended. If you have further questions regarding fiberglass electroplating and stainless steel sculptures, please feel free to contact us. We have professional staff who can recommend suitable sculpture materials based on your specific requirements. Welcome to customize the pictures and create your own artistic beauty. Sculpture Supplier Tiancai

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