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As a sculpture art customization factory, we provide you with customized art sculpture solutions. We have an efficient and professional team that is proficient in western sculpture and artist's sculpture works, we provide innovative designs and high-quality production according to your needs and ideas.
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We are a professional sculpture art customization factory, providing you with customized art sculpture solutions. We have an efficient and professional team that is proficient in all aspects of sculpture design and production. Specializing in traditional Western sculptures and Western artist sculptures, we provide innovative designs and high-quality production based on your needs and ideas.   We pay attention to details and pursue high quality. Communication and collaboration with clients during every sculpture production process ensure that your ideas are perfectly presented. We have advanced equipment and process technology, and can use different materials and technologies, including wood, metal, resin, etc., to customize excellent sculptures.   Art is a language without borders, and our works can be shared with the world to inspire people to think and appreciate. Whether you are an individual, business or institution, if you need to customize a unique sculpture, we can provide you with professional and comprehensive services. Our goal is to turn your ideas into reality and create stunning works of art for you. Please contact us and let us create unique artistic beauty toget Customized services //Design, Dimensions and Materials//   Tiancai specializes in providing customized sculpture services, covering design, size and materials. Our team has rich experience, whether we are designing based on pictures provided by customers, or making original designs based on customers' creativity, we can present it perfectly. At Tiancai, we offer more than a dozen of the world's most popular materials for customers to choose from, with customized sizes ranging from a few centimeters to dozens of meters. No matter what sculpture dream you have in mind, consulting with us will always bring surprises!     Our advantage   ADVANTAGE 1、price advantage:Source factory, one piece is also wholesale price. 2、Professional team: The factory has an experienced team of sculptors and craftsmen with superb skills and creativity, able to transform customers' ideas  into  exquisite works of art. 3、Innovative design: The factory is committed to innovative design and can  provide   unique and creative artwork solutions to meet the personalized needs of  customers. 4、Advanced equipment: The factory is equipped with advanced sculpture processing equipment and technology, which can efficiently and accurately produce  sculptures to ensure  the quality and details of the artwork. 5、Material selection: The factory can provide a variety of material choices according to different needs, such as resin, metal, wood, etc., to meet customers' specific requirements for materials. 6、Customized services: The factory can provide customized services according to customer needs, including design, production, installation and other links to ensure the perfect integration of artwork and environment. 7、Quality Assurance: The factory pays attention to quality control and reputation, and has a strict quality inspection process to ensure that each piece of art meets high standards of quality requirements.  
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