• The Charm Of Sculpture - Scenic Spot IP Sculpture

    The Charm Of Sculpture - Scenic Spot IP Sculpture

    Jul 09, 2024
    In the current fierce market competition, how to use innovative sculptural art to create IP images with distinct characteristics has become a focus of many scenic spots, shopping malls, real estate and enterprises. As a source factory specializing in customized sculpture, the order of IP Sculpture has been increasing in recent years. Let's start with the analysis of scenic spot IP sculpture. First, creating scenic spot IP sculpture is a good entry point. As a unique tourist destination, scenic spots often contain rich cultural connotations and natural resources. We can delve into these elements and refine them through the techniques of sculptural art to create IP images with regional characteristics. For example... 1、"Vernie"  Installation At the 2016 "Walk&Talk" festival in Portugal, the design team moradavaga created a large "octopus" (marine invertebrate) Installation Sculpture and named it "Vernie". The octopus was made by wrapping red cable protectors, with each tentacle extending about 15 meters in various directions, occupying different corners of the park. The head had two adorable eyes, and the overall characteristics of the soft-bodied animal were vividly expressed, making it lifelike. Visitors could interact with the eyes and tentacles of the giant invertebrate, engaging in conversations or listening to it. The visitors' interest in this massive soft-bodied creature aligned with the organizer's requirements, and this installation was sure to bring endless enjoyment to the festival. 2、 Sculpture Garden in Canada Artist Yi Chul Hee created astonishing innovative sculptures composed of stacked pipes in the Canadian Sculpture Park. Unexpected shapes and forms emerged from his meticulously crafted hollow pipe assemblages. Each work has lighting and shadows, creating a changing visual effect as viewers look through different perspectives. "Elegant as a Ballerina" "Love's Kiss" "Love Me, Touch Me" "Longing to be Close to You" "Dancing through Life" 3、The Aquileans Sculptures The Docks and Harbors Commission of Juneau, Alaska commissioned internationally renowned public artist Cliff Garten to design this work. The piece consists of ten Stainless Steel Sculptures installed on existing bollards used to tie up cruise ships from the Seawalk Park to the Mount Roberts Tram Building. The Aquileans sculptures take their form from archetypes of the Alaskan landscape, including two iconic ecological shapes - the whale and the wings of a soaring eagle. "Aquileans" is a combination of the Latin words for eagle and whale. During the day and night, each sculpture reflects and refracts sunlight, illuminated by changing color LED lights that evoke the northern lights. Set against the mountains and water, the sculptures create a distinctive landmark for the waterfront, bringing a contemporary aesthetic to the social and economic life of Juneau. 4、The Moving Sculptures This may be the most romantic City Sculpture in the world. The two Steel Statues Sculpture, called Ali and Nino, are located in the city of Batumi on the Black Sea coast of western Georgia. The characters Ali and Nino are based on a 1937 novel of the same name, which tells a tragic love story set in the Caucasus region. These are two Moving Sculptures. Every night after 7 o'clock, Ali and Nino slowly begin to move towards each other... When they meet, they kiss and embrace, like a true pair of lovers. Then they pass through each other's bodies and continue moving in different directions, until they ultimately separate. The entire process takes about ten minutes, and this heartbreaking scene is performed every day, regardless of the season. 5、Sprouts This set of sculptures, titled "Sprouts", is the work of artist Vibhor Sogani. The 40-foot tall sculptures are installed in a 6-acre greenbelt in Delhi, an initiative by the government to beautify the city, now considered a landmark of New Delhi. These impressive sculptural IPs often have a unique "memory point" inherent to the project itself. The conceptual design, spatial relationships, forms, colors, symbolism, or other aspects of the sculpture may resonate with the viewer, stimulating their visual senses and making the sculpture stand out as a distinctive memory in the viewer's mind.   This is for educational sharing purposes only. Respectfully, if there are any copyright concerns, please notify the editor for removal.  The next article will share some shopping mall IPs, so please stay tuned.
  • Do You Know About Any Impactful Sculptures That Have Recently Emerged?

    Do You Know About Any Impactful Sculptures That Have Recently Emerged?

    Jun 05, 2024
    A 7-meter-tall, 5-meter-wide installation sculpture titled "Father" recently debuted at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute graduation exhibition in China, creating a powerful visual impact. The cracked lips, deeply creased face, and other details powerfully conveyed the hardworking, resilient, and stoic qualities of the Chinese farmer. The sculpture was originally based on artist Luo Zhongli's oil painting "Father". When I first saw this portrait sculpture, I was deeply moved, unable to fully express the hardship and difficulties of life that it displayed. Sometimes, the true essence of an artwork lies not in the sculpture itself, but in the feelings it evokes in ordinary people. This Clay Sculpture took 11 years to transform from a painting to Finish. Each step was meticulously carved. This is an ordinary person, a common man, an anonymous figure, immortalized in sculptural form. We can examine every detail of his face, yet we do not know who he is. He has transcended time and history. The only thing we know is that he is a laborer who has endured immense hardship. His forehead is entirely lined with wrinkles, as are his hands, face, and entire body. These wrinkles appear to have been carved by a knife, but they are the marks left by the knife of life. The hardships of his labor seem to have carved into his body like a knife. These wrinkles are the traces of his arduous toil. His bronze-colored skin bears witness to his lifelong outdoor, earthen existence. The earth and sun seem to have permeated deep into his skin, altering its color, texture, and patterns, merging him with the land. Here, we see not only his labor, but also the passage of time - not the specific time he has lived, but the long duration of his ceaseless toil. As he pauses from his endless labor to take a sip of water, we are granted a glimpse of his face - a face in the midst of work, and a hand engaged in the act of lifting a bowl to drink, bringing the hand and face into close proximity and presenting them together. The hand is the primary tool of his labor, while the face displays the marks of that labor, making this portrait sculpture a pure and comprehensive representation of the laboring body. These two slender, bony fingers, nearly just bones wrapped in skin, appear sharp and dexterous, their skin scarred from countless wounds. One finger is still bandaged, perhaps all of them have been at one point; and once healed, they will be covered in scars like the rest. The nails are rimmed with black grime. These tiny, inconspicuous fingers now occupy a vast portion of the composition, solely because they are supporting a bowl. These two fingers, along with the others hidden from view, work in concert in different postures and angles to hold up this bowl. It is a hand hardened by arduous toil, which, alongside the deeply creased face, bears witness to the intensity and duration of his labor, the immense hardships, struggles, and sorrows of his life. Yet, when we look into his eyes, they are so gentle, so calm. His history, his life, his endless labor, and the hardships it has endured, seem to have left no trace in his eyes, arousing neither anger nor sorrow, nor destroying him. He has quietly accepted these difficulties, not lamenting the injustice of his fate, nor crying out in tragic questioning. His tranquility and forbearance have instead consumed these hardships. His small eyes possess the boundless compassion of the rugged, vast sea. However, the eyes are not sculpted with clarity. We can sense the softness of his gaze, but we cannot see his eyes clearly, as they are shadowed by his thick brows. They appear small and dark, lacking luster. Only the nose, the cheekbones on either side, the forehead, and the lower lip are brightly lit. The light is concentrated around the eyes, surrounding them and making them appear even darker, sunken into deep, black holes. Any gaze that escapes from these dark pits will be gentle and feeble, not forceful. The large area of beard casts the lower part of the face in deep shadow. We are a factory in China that specializes in custom and wholesale sculptures in metal, wood craft, resin, 3D printing, etc. Please visit our website for more information.   We also offer custom sizes and colors based on your specifications. Please contact us for pricing:  

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